Ten Part Legal Marketing Series

Part 9: Environmental Tort Law: When You Find Yourself on the Side of the Angels

How would you describe the perfect client? Would the description be something along these lines?

  • Client’s claim is significant–either in dollar value or social importance
  • The case is right up your alley
  • Client pays well and willingly
  • Client is not crazy
  • Client does not drive you crazy with constant phone calls
  • Client comes back to you with new work over the years
  • Client sends you referrals
  • Client understands and appreciates your efforts

Lawsuits that make sense to your children

The beauty of acting for environmental lawsuit plaintiffs is that you know you are directing your energies towards the cause of making the world a better and safer place in which to live. The work is significant and important. You may even help to keep all us earthlings here under the indefinite term lease we thought we had.

No matter how senior or experienced you are, it will always remain important to manage the shape of your clientele and attract new clients. If you are wondering about new or better internet marketing for your firm, you can turn to OLM for answers. OLM publishes the online news magazine LawyersandSettlements.com (LAS), which provides up to date news about tort law cases and class actions. The lawyers who are run marketing campaigns through its pages in return receive the leads generated by the magazine.

The cost of the investment in marketing through LAS is modest compared with other forms of advertising, and requires little of your time and energy. OLM can also help you set up your own website.


New words and acronyms don’t just jump up from the internet. Environmental litigation has produced new words and given new meaning to old ones.

Take┬áthe word “greenwashing”, from a news story about DuPont. The big chemical company was being accused by the United Steelworkers of avoiding any real calculation or disclosure of the impact of its products on the climate. The union charges that instead of manufacturing chemicals with a view to long term environmental consequences and sustainability, DuPont engages in greenwashing.

In the words of USW International president, Leo Gerard, “DuPont is skillful in giving the public the impression it truly is concerned and engaging in activities to create a ‘better, safer, healthier planet,’ but when its profit motive collides with the environment, profit usually wins out.”

You have to feel some sympathy for DuPont–they must walk the line all the time. On one side are the shareholders and investors, with their lawyers–and on the other side of the line are the consumers and environmentalists, with their lawyers.

If you need one more little push to get into online marketing, just think of the trees you will save if your advertising, to millions of readers, can be conducted electronically.

Now I call that going green.

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