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“We are so honored to be on the Lawyer’s Wall of Heroes! Thank you so much for that … we are very thrilled and excited. I will definitely spread the word and find the group on LinkedIn … looking forward to sharing future stories with you! 🙂

Legal Assistant/ Public Relations specialist”

Dana Blickensderfer

“We are filing a Class Action this week thanks to your leads.”

Advertiser since 2002

“Your service has been extremely valuable to my practice.”

Advertiser since 2002

“I will be doing 2 individual cases and one class action. All this from leads in the first 2 months of advertising with Online Legal Marketing.”


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“I’ve got signed retainers from 122 Vioxx users and family; this really rocks!”


“great job Jane on very short notice – thanks”

Ron Simon

“Jane –

Wow – GREAT article.

You have really captured the story that all of the other writers missed.

Well done. Let me know if you need anything else.”


“The article looks great! Thanks Jane.”


“Hi Kristoff,

Sounds like a great idea for the public. I try to get back to everyone that day or the next, but sometimes it’s not easy to connect. I know many lawyers lose track of all these people.

The interview with me about the auction rate securities worked so well. It was amazing how many people saw the interview and emailed me about their problem. I’m filing their securities arbitrations and have clients in NY, Mountain View, CA, Seattle, LA, and also here in the Midwest.

But the funniest experience I had was Friday night. My husband and I went to a fundraiser, and were being introduced to another couple. The woman said, “I’ve seen you before and recognize your name”. Then she remembered she’d seen the interview on about auction rate securities. The internet’s reach amazed me.

We will keep posting ads with you and if you have a package you think would fit with our niche practice of representing investors in securities fraud cases, please let me know. Thanks again.”

Diane A. Nygaard, The Nygaard Law Firm

“Hi Jane: I saw the article. Wow, that was fast. Great job of putting it together.”

Kim Anglin, Anglin Law Group

“The article looks good! Thanks for the interview. It was a pleasure.”

D.R. Dubin, Macuga & Liddle, PC

“Thanks Jane. It was a pleasure speaking with you. (Read Article)”

G.P. Erspamer, Morrison & Foerster LLP

“Interview with Lawyer Rex Curtis Bush: The Benefits of”

Rex Curtis Bush

“I saw that our article came out yesterday! I think it’s really great.”

Robin McCall, Baum, Hedlund, Aristei, Goldman & Menzies, P.C.

“Thanks Jane for all your hard work on our behalf!”

Laurilyn Cook-Arrington, The Law Offices of Larry M. Roth, P.A.

“Your service is excellent.”

Michael L. Kelly, Kirtland & Packard

“I wanted to thank you for putting together such an informative newsletter. We have actually modified some of our policies and procedures based on information obtained from the cases summarized in your newsletter and I appreciate the quick and concise review of these important cases. I hope you will pass this on to everyone involved in the newsletter! Your time and efforts are appreciated!”

CAJ, Associate General Counsel