OLM Leads for Lawyers: Land the Leads You’re Looking for

ad-lawyerWhether you have multiple practice areas, offices in different states or provinces, or have more specialized needs like lead generation for mass tort or class action lawsuits, OLM lead generation for lawyers can supply you with a steady stream of qualified, exclusive leads to keep your practice humming.

OLM’s legal news websites include LawyersandSettlements.comBigClassAction.com, CALaborLawNews.com and HealthEffectsofAsbestos.com. These established websites are widely regarded as independent and trusted news resources for the public, with objective content that is relevant to our readers’ legal issues. These websites attract scores of potential plaintiffs with our targeted legal articles, written by professional journalists.

When you sign up for OLM leads for lawyers services, you get exposure to OLM’s growing readership of over 3 million unique visitors a year. When these readers decide to take action, your law firm will receive leads for claimants who have been closely matched to your specifications.

The result is a steady stream of qualified leads for plaintiff’s lawyers from claimants who match your ideal client type.

Online Legal Marketing leads for lawyers programs are designed as either Targeted Programs, which allow plaintiff’s attorneys to source leads for a specific lawsuit or defendant, Core Programs, which allow for a broader scope of lead intake based on practice area or geographical location, or Live Phone Transfers: call center verified, real-time leads for your immediate reveiw.

Get Started Today, Get Leads Tomorrow

Flexible OLM lead generation programs let you start small and add as you go–and you can start receiving leads in as little as 24 hours. There are no long term contracts to sign, just a three-month minimum commitment.