High Converting Legal Content Delivers Leads for Lawyers

Hands on Keyboard - Content Development iStock_000019971015MediumWhen it comes to lead generation, content is indeed king. Quality content is the cornerstone of your law firm website’s ability to bring in qualified leads and convert them to clients. After all, where’s the first place your prospects will go for information on a legal issue they’re facing? Hopefully it’s your website or blog. And when they get there, they need to be informed and reassured by high-quality legal content–not over-hyped marketing fluff and auto-generated spam articles.

That means your website content has to do a lot of heavy lifting. It needs to both increase your site’s SEO to get you to the top of the search engine listings as well as convert visitors to clients once they get there.

No one understands the value of high-ranking, high-converting, targeted and trusted legal content like OLM. Since 2001, our team has created content that breaks through the spam and auto-generated content typically used to drive traffic to legal websites and blogs.

OLM can provide the services you need to have a robust website or blog filled with carefully-researched, well-written content. These can include everything from ghost blogging, legal articles and press releases for lawyers to lawyer interviews and social media content.

Quality SEO Content = Qualified Leads

First, your website content needs to be crafted for SEO with the goal of getting onto the first page of the search engine results for your targeted keywords. That means:

  • Including relevant, keyword-rich content according to search engine best practices
  • Adding fresh web and blog content on a regular basis to boost your SEO score
  • Continuously updating and adding content to turn your website into a lead-generating machine

Next, your website has to be written to impress visitors who come to your site. It has to:

  • Grab and hold visitors’ attention
  • Establish your credibility as an attorney
  • Differentiate you from your competitors
  • Convert visitors to clients with well-crafted calls to action

OLM focuses on high-quality content that combines SEO best practices with well-crafted legal content to attract the people who need legal help and information most: your target clients.

Legal Blog Ghostwriting for Lawyers

Blogging is an incredibly effective way for you to establish yourself or your firm as a trusted authority on the specific legal subject matters your potential clients are interested in. For attorneys, a high-quality, frequently updated blog amps up SEO and attracts exactly the types of clients you are looking for with keyword-based articles designed to attract search engines and clients alike.

Leverage the power of blogging with polished SEO legal blog ghostwriting services from OLM. Our seasoned law bloggers will write blogs on a variety of legal topics relevant to your practice, and you may post them to your blog under your own name.

OLM Content Marketing Delivers Lawyer Leads

Getting the most out of your content is no longer just about posting an article or blog post. It’s about sharing and connecting with your audience. Content marketing is a powerful way for attorneys to reach a large pool of potential plaintiffs with minimum costs and effort. That’s why we build elements of content marketing into every piece of content we create. Content marketing includes distributing content via social media, newsletters, press releases, email blasts and content amplification services–to help give your content additional “lift” to reach the broadest audience.

Think of it as a virtual town crier making sure your message gets heard all around the web. Reach, of course, isn’t measured by how loud you shout your message. Content marketing is all about getting the message out and keeping it going. That’s where Conversion, Conversation and Customer Service come into play. They’re the three pillars of our Content Development strategy. Conversion ensures keyword-rich and relevant content with an effective call to action; Conversation is all about engagement–it’s content that not only gets shared on social media channels but also gets comments; and Customer Service ensures timely and informative responses to our readers’–your potential clients–inquiries and comments.

Our coordinated content marketing efforts include a combination of efforts around:

  • Social media including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+
  • Custom RSS feeds
  • Social bookmarking
  • Image sharing

Make Sure Your Content Converts

The legal industry is highly competitive.  Every law firm needs to use all the marketing tools at its disposal to land clients and keep the practice thriving. When you need targeted content that converts, OLM delivers. With over 80,000 web pages written, our writers know a thing or two about content creation.