Real-Time Leads for your Review

Call center agentJust because you’re online, doesn’t mean your leads can only access you online. Some potential clients prefer to connect by phone rather than an online contact form. With Online Legal Marketing’s Live Phone Transfer Leads program, you receive leads that have been call center verified–and you can receive leads either in real-time directly via live-transfer to your phone, or via email.

All OLM Live Phone Transfer Leads are generated through inbound requests–so there’s no outbound marketing, and all marketing is identified as “attorney advertising”. All incoming leads are verified through our call center–by pre-screening claimants, you can be assured that you’re receiving leads that fit your criteria. If you receive leads that do not fit your criteria, they can be returned during the review time period. And rest assured, OLM does not work with any affiliates or overseas lead providers–all lead intake operations are US-based.