Plaintiff Attorney Leads for Lawsuits

manOur Targeted Lead Generation Program is designed to help law firms that are marketing for lawsuits with a well-defined defendant or injury such as with mass tort or class action lawsuits. In fact, OLM has been successful with Targeted Programs covering a wide range of leads by case and leads by defendant for plaintiff’s attorneys, including banking and securities, pharmaceutical and medical device, consumer fraud and defective products, employment/wage and hour, bad faith insurance and many others.

Some attorneys use a Targeted Program to operate in stealth mode to determine the level of harm to a particular group. Other firms with very specific areas of interest, such as aviation, amusement park or cruise ship accidents, maintain an ongoing Targeted Program to be the first to receive leads on those less frequent occasions when such incidents occur.

Coupled with our Core Program, a Targeted Lead Generation Program is a powerful tool for marketing for lawsuits. The rate of success in locating a lead plaintiff or additional plaintiffs from our highly targeted lead generation engine is over 80%.

You can easily set up your account to receive leads by case or leads by defendant. Our targeted lead generation campaign services include:

  • Targeted lead generation. Focus on a specific defendant, product or type of case
  • Lead sponsorship. Attorneys who participate in targeted campaigns have the option to purchase an exclusive sponsorship for their targeted cases, defendants or practice areas
  • Enhanced exposure. Targeted campaign clients are featured in news articles included in the newsletter, which is sent to over 100,000 recipients each week
  • Multi-lingual campaigns. Other language options, such as Spanish, are available so you can more closely target your audience
  • State-specific targeted campaigns. Perfect for those firms focused on a specific defendant or product within a state-specified geographic area, such as California labor leads.

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