In addition to OLM clients–plaintiff’s attorneys who have seen success with our leads for lawyers programs–many personal injury victims have shared their gratitude for information and legal help they’ve found on OLM websites including and Here are some of their comments.

“LOVE this website!! Did an interview with Jane Mundy regarding a LT disability claim with Unum in which I believe I was wrongfully denied on. I would have never known or would have never had the chance to reopen this claim if it weren’t for this website. Keep up the good work!! Thanks guys!!”

Cindy Davey (2012-08-02)

“Thank you, Jane for the opportunity to voice my objection to USPS management violating Labor law as well as their own rules and regulations, time and again with impunity. I do appreciate your time and effort in posting my story on your website. Take care.”

Perry (2012-05-31)

“I am hooked on your site; I love reading your interviews and have emailed your link to many of my friends. It has so much information about other bad faith claims and topics like recalled drugs and more”

Anonymous (2012-05-22)

“In researching an article about Bjork Shiley, I came across an article used by what looks like a text book (or at least is used in a course manual) at Brown University. If you scroll to the bottom, you’ll see Lawyers and Settlements listed as a source for the final quote in the article. Thought you might enjoy that.”

Heidi (2012-05-15)

“Thank you for continuing your coverage of Flouroquinolone Toxicity. The victims are numerous and the symptoms and damage is horrific. The financial devastation from the damage caused by these drugs is unimagineable. I am very involved with many groups and I can tell you I don’t know anyone who has not been financially devastated by the medical costs related to the damage caused by these drugs, The emotional and physical damage is just as unfortunate. Thank you.”

E.W. (2012-01-24)

“Hi Jane, It was stories like yours and recent news about FDA’s decision about labeling on Yasmin products, that prompted my call to Kogan and Associates. I took Yasmin for about 10 months in 2005 and experienced 3 DVTs as a result. I don’t think that there is adequate data out there from women who found themselves in similar situations. I feel that I need to be “counted” as one of the women who were negatively affected by this drug, so that the FDA has more data in which to base their decisions about the overall safety of this drug. I believe that this drug is dangerous and that women need to speak up and stand up so that other women can make the best informed decisions and weigh the risks associated with Yasmin.”

anonymous (2011-12-20)

“Great publication. I don’t miss it. That’s the only site in the world that lets you know what’s happening. It’s like an expose on the bad boys, which is needed. The fact that people are being challenged for their actions, is important. You guys report on what they’re doing. I read it all the time and find out who the bad guys are. It’s an important site”

Robert Hall (2011-09-13)

“Your chosen career, as journalists, seems to be focused on helping others. To this end, it seems that you are 100% thorough, dedicated and caring. If only the FDA, Drug companies, government officials, doctors, pharmaceutical companies, etc. were as thorough and responsible, the people who have trustingly taken drugs allowed to be prescribed to the unsuspecting public, would not be harmed and suffering as I am now.

Thank you again for your call this afternoon, commiserating with me and letting me know that there are others and that perhaps something can be done about this travesty that has befallen myself and others. Hopefully, your work will prevent this happening again in the future to others.
Sincerely and with appreciation,”

Marcia Crossley-Cohen (2011-04-05)

“I just wanted to drop you good folks at Lawyers and Settlements a note to advise that I have successfully received my first edition of Lawyers and Settlements-Emerging Issues. I am so pleased to be subscribed to your service. It has been so very helpful and informative. Thank you again and warmest regards as always.”

William C. Reynolds (2011-02-05)