Get Googled. Get Clients. OLM SEO Management Gets You Both.

SEO Icon with Gears SEO Page CROP  iStock_000018245837MediumThese days, search engines are the main way new clients find you online. Whether it’s Google, Bing or Yahoo, attracting quality leads from your online marketing efforts requires a comprehensive online marketing strategy that orchestrates a variety of tactics to create a legal lead-generating machine.


While search engine optimization (SEO) strategies focus on improving your natural, “organic” search engine relevancy to get you to the top of the search results, pay-per-click (PPC) provides the immediate results of paid advertising. It’s important to understand that SEO and PPC are not an either/or proposition; when SEO and PPC strategies are harmonized, they provide the kind of results that really move the needle.

Confusing? It doesn’t have to be. OLM can help you make sense of your options and then create a plan to get you found on the web.  We’ll analyze your law firm’s goals, your current website, your target clients and your competition to develop a comprehensive SEO-for-lawyers strategy that will give you the best return on your legal website marketing investment.

SEO for Attorneys

SEO is the art and science of optimizing your online presence so that your legal website will rank highly in the search results when your ideal prospect goes online to look for an attorney.

So why do you need a partner who is an expert in SEO for lawsuits? First, Google alone uses over 200 factors to determine the results for any given query–and Google does not reveal what those factors are. And they change them. Frequently. Second, when it comes to search engine rankings for attorney websites, the competition is fierce. It takes a well-coordinated effort to nab one of the top spots on Google, Bing Yahoo or any of the other search engines.

PPC for Lawyers

Another important element of your online marketing strategy is PPC advertising, also known as the “sponsored listings” on search results, which usually appear along the top- or right-hand column of the page. PPC advertising is a quick and effective way to increase your online visibility and generate high-quality leads right out of the gate, by paying to show up in the results for relevant search terms.

PPC for attorney websites offer other benefits as well:

  • Pay only for results. Pay-per-click means just that; you only pay when a visitor clicks on your ad and visits your site. You can start with almost any budget and change it on-the-fly
  • Get to the top of the search engine results immediately. Use PPC for lawsuits advertising to fill gaps where you don’t rank highly in organic search engine results
  • Target different clients differently. It’s easy to create different ads that target different types of clients, then set the click to take them to different landing pages on your website
  • Precise tracking. You can monitor the lead-generating power of your various keyword phrases and get instant insight into your cost-per-lead for each

OLM is Expert at SEO and PPC for Attorneys

At OLM, our SEO experts understand online marketing for attorneys. It’s the cornerstone of we do, and we’ve been doing it for a long time. We know what will get you to the top of the rankings–and we know what can get you blacklisted as well.

We will use our legal SEO/PPC expertise to develop an online legal marketing strategy that will keep you at the top of the rankings and generate leads for your firm.  Our SEO and PPC for attorneys services include:

  • Online marketing strategy. Our process begins with an in-depth analysis of your firm and your target clients
  • Flexible options for firms of every size. You tell us your budget and parameters, and we’ll design a plan as simple or complex as your resources allow
  • Keyword analysis. We perform in-depth keyword research to determine the best search terms to target your ideal clients and case types
  • Website SEO. Whether you already have a website for your law firm or you’d like to build a new one, we can ensure your website structure and content is optimized for the search engines
  • Web and blog content. To build your organic search engine rank–and your credibility with potential clients–you need high quality, continuously generated content that converts
  • PPC campaigns. Developed, monitored and continuously optimized by a legal PPC specialist
  • Ongoing performance management. We use Google analytics to constantly monitor, test and refine our efforts–and power up your results
  • Reporting. We will provide you with details on all aspects of your SEO and PPC campaigns as well as recommend refinements that will generate more leads and optimize your return on investment (ROI)

Get on Page One. Your Clients are There, Now it’s Your Turn.

OLM  has a track record of consistently achieving “page one” Google search results to ensure traffic and drive conversion. Our comprehensive SEO for lawyers offerings cover every aspect of your online presence that can impact your standing with the search engines. We’ll help you develop a powerful online marketing strategy that includes SEO and PPC tactics that drive leads and help you land clients.