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LinkedIn for Law Firms

Known as “The Professional Network,” lawyers and LinkedIn are a natural combination. There are LinkedIn “power-users,” who have figured out how to take full advantage of the app, and then there are the rest of us—people who have a page and a profile pic, but don’t really know what to do with it or how to make it work for their advantage. 

There is no question that even the most basic LinkedIn will help your firm gain a more professional presence online.  However, there are additional steps you can take to really reap the benefits.

LinkedIn offers a “Company Pages” feature that allows law firms to engage with potential clients, clients, and referrals. One of the benefits of creating a Company Page is that all the firms’ partners and associates can attach to it, extending the range and visibility of the company page.

Company pages consist of a home page, products/services page, career page, and insights page. A firm’s home page typically includes a description of the firm with a cover photo, and recent updates. For a professional looking page, use a custom image as opposed to the LinkedIn default. Think about your firm’s mission and crystallize it in your company description –be as specific as possible. Be sure to include keywords in your home page that can help you optimize SEO.

Prior to developing your firm’s page, research applicable rules for professional conduct. For example, it is a breach of ethical duties to represent that your firm has a specialty, yet LinkedIn offers the option to add specialties to your page.

Some LinkedIn features are only available with a paid subscription, such as the Careers section. This section allows you to post jobs, and attract qualified candidates to your firm for employment.  Potential clients could also visit this page, so be cautious as to how you present your firm.

The “Insights” tab can be confusing, and potentially detrimental. Although visitors can see former employees of your firm who are in their extended network, they can also view a list of other company pages viewed by those who also viewed your firm’s page. This can cut both ways, as you don’t want to inadvertently send visitors to a competitor’s firm.

Take full advantage of the “Products & Services” section of your company page. Here, you can give prospective clients a full picture of what kinds of services your firm provides. If you have created YouTube pages, link them directly to this page for maximum effectiveness and visibility.

Be sure to regularly post “updates” on your company page. Updates can link to blog posts, or other newsworthy items—although there is a character limit. Make sure to utilize the “follow” button. Also, feature your LinkedIn page in company e-mails, firm newsletters, and other marketing materials.

Last but not least, use Google Analytics to track referrals from LinkedIn to your website and track the levels of engagement. LinkedIn will notify you every time a visitor engages with a post, follows your firm’s page, and more.

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