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September 27, 2023
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Part 1: Auto Accident Litigation: How to have the clients chasing you!
Part 1: Auto Accident Litigation: How to have the clients chasing you!
Starting with the facts Have a look at this scenario. It's Friday night, and for you one more week at the office is finally over. You're drained-used-up-exhausted-for the thousand reasons only another lawyer will understand.

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San Francisco files Misclassification Lawsuit Against Qwick Hospitality Staffing Company
San Francisco files Misclassification Lawsuit Against Qwick Hospitality Staffing Company
San Francisco, CA The City of San Francisco at the end of August filed a lawsuit against Qwick Inc., accusing the hospitality staffing company of misclassifying their workers as independent contractors to deny them guaranteed wages and benefits. Qwick workers are unable to receive overtime, meals and rest breaks, health care or paid leave, and San Francisco city attorney David Chiu says Qwick has an "unfair business advantage" over businesses abiding by the California labor and employment laws.

Hair Relaxer Makers Splitting Hairs in Georgia Court
Hair Relaxer Makers Splitting Hairs in Georgia Court
Atlanta, GA  Hair relaxer manufacturers have successfully argued with the Georgia Court of Appeals to take into consideration the state’s 10-year repose statute regarding a hair relaxer lawsuit filed by a Georgia woman last October. But plaintiff Kiara Burrough's attorney point out that the statute doesn’t apply to claims for negligence and failure-to-warn.

PFAS-Mesh-Talc-ERISA-3M Qui Tam-CA Labor?

Monsanto RoundUp Lawsuit Update
Monsanto RoundUp Lawsuit Update
Santa Clara, CA The last few months have been busy for Bayer and Monsanto’s legal team and Roundup lawsuits. The U.S. Supreme Court refused to review a $39 million Roundup settlement regarding cancer warnings on Roundup; the latest Roundup cancer trial is underway in Missouri and south of the border; and a U.S. dispute settlement panel challenges Mexico’s plans to ban GMO corn.

WestRock Disability Discrimination Lawsuit Amounts to $9.5 million
WestRock Disability Discrimination Lawsuit Amounts to $9.5 million
Los Angeles, CA A Los Angeles jury sided with a WestRock employee who claimed he was discriminated against and awarded him $9.5 million in a California labor lawsuit. Lowry McCray accused the cardboard packaging giant of terminating him because he has a mental disability that caused his unfair treatment in the workplace. Further, WestRock refused to investigate the unfair treatment that could have helped McCray.

Apple Settles California Wage & Hour Lawsuit
Apple Settles California Wage & Hour Lawsuit
Santa Clara, CA Apple Inc. workers who filed a wage-and-hour dispute in a California court have settled for $500,000. An investigation, which began in early 2022, showed that Apple’s overtime pay rate each month did not include the commissions that Solutions Consultants earned that month and Apple did not pay all Solutions Consultants for travel time between required meetings and their worksites.

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