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March 15, 2017
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It’s Hard for Law Firms to Go Wrong With Facebook Live
It’s Hard for Law Firms to Go Wrong With Facebook Live
Facebook Live is a relatively new feature that offers live-streaming video capabilities to its users.  It first came out in August of 2015 for verified public figures, then shortly after, became available to a select group of users (like a beta test), before becoming available to everyone.   The media has expertly exploited what Facebook live has to offer.  Meteorologists have live-streamed severe weather events, reaching far more viewers than they would typically reach online.  But it isn’t just for the media—the potential for law firms to tap into Facebook’s audience of nearly 2 billion people seems promising.

Will Chatbots Take Over?
Will Chatbots Take Over?
We all know what chatbots are, they are everywhere—whether we like it or not.  When we make a customer service call, we interact with voice recognition software that has artificial intelligence.  When we engage in “online chat sessions” with companies, often we are interacting with a bot—often via Facebook messenger.  And law firms frequently use bots to field potential clients.  The technology has been advancing at a breakneck speed, and some firms are even using bots to take payments and (gasp!) give legal advice.  As technology continues to improve, many are wondering, will chatbots render call centers (and their high carrying costs) obsolete?

Latest Legal News & Hot Issues

Invokana Lawsuits Will Remain in Federal Court In Philadelphia
Invokana Lawsuits Will Remain in Federal Court In Philadelphia
A series of complex legal arguments and maneuvering with regard to jurisdictional issues may have served to briefly divert attention away from Invokana adverse events. However, plaintiffs are nonetheless steeled in their resolve to pursue compensation amidst allegations over Invokana linked with cardiovascular injuries and kidney failure.

Plaintiffs Allege Exploding Pressure Cooker Injuries from Tristar Product
Plaintiffs Allege Exploding Pressure Cooker Injuries from Tristar Product
Pressure cookers have been around for generations. Your grandmother or great-grandmother most likely had one at the ready for preparing certain dishes. They were big, heavy and fashioned in most cases from cast iron. They weren’t pretty, but they were sturdy and built like a tank. Most would not recall a pressure cooker explosion happening in Grandma’s time.

Failed INRatio Device Fast-Tracked to Market
Failed INRatio Device Fast-Tracked to Market
A new Alere lawsuit filed earlier this month in San Diego asserts that the allegedly failed Alere INRatio measuring device was approved through the issuance of a 510(k) Clearance by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The problematic measuring system, comprised of test strips and a measuring device, were subject to an FDA-sanctioned Alere recall in 2014. Lawsuits are continuing to roll in.

Mirena IUD, Granuflo, Yaz, Januvia/Victoza/Byetta leadsMTMP

Missouri Jury Finds in Favor of Johnson & Johnson on Talcum Powder Case
Missouri Jury Finds in Favor of Johnson & Johnson on Talcum Powder Case
Johnson & Johnson (J & J) won its first jury verdict out of four recent Missouri talcum powder cancer lawsuits to go to trial.

Minor League Baseball Players' Overtime Class Action Back in Play
Minor League Baseball Players' Overtime Class Action Back in Play
A California federal judge on Tuesday revived the class action status of a California overtime lawsuit filed by minor league baseball players against Major League Baseball.

The Watchdog Group that Rang the Bell on Anti-acid Meds
The Watchdog Group that Rang the Bell on Anti-acid Meds
The Washington DC based watchdog group, Public Citizen, was among the first to start ringing the warning bell. In 2011 Public Citizen demanded that the FDA warn patients and doctors that the use of the popular prescription acid-reducing drugs came with serious health risks.

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