Part 4: Credit Card Claims and Class Actions: Fighting in defense of the individual

If you are ready and willing to take on the big corporations on behalf of individual and consumer groups, you had better be ready to market yourself on the internet. I’ve pointed out earlier in this series you can get that marketing by supporting OLM’s online news magazine It’s a way to get a significant increase in internet exposure for a modest investment, and at minimal cost in terms of your own time and energy.

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Part 2: Fighting the Pharmaceutical Giants: How the Internet is Affecting Litigation

Remember the good old days? When you learned about a trial decision when the law report digests came out? If you were lucky you read about the decision in the newspaper or heard about it by way of lawyer gossip. And as for settlements–good luck in finding anything out anywhere–the cases just vanished.

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Part 1: Auto Accident Litigation: How to have the clients chasing you!

Have a look at this scenario. It’s Friday night, and for you one more week at the office is finally over. You’re drained-used-up-exhausted-for the thousand reasons only another lawyer will understand. Finally home, you’ve changed into T-shirt and sweatpants, and you’re standing in the kitchen deciding whether to have a drink or go for a run. It’s a tough decision.

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