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July 10, 2020
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The Top 10 legal news stories our readers were most interested in this week.

Employee Stock Ownership Lawsuit Unmasks Brazen Corporate Fraud
#1  Employee Stock Ownership Lawsuit Unmasks Brazen Corporate Fraud
Riverside, CA The allegations made in Gamino v. KPC Healthcare are pretty lurid, especially as ERISA lawsuits go. Even apart from the loaded handgun and the slashed tires, the Complaint tells a tale of shocking financial malfeasance.

Uber Slammed -- From California to Canada
#2  Uber Slammed -- From California to Canada
Santa Clara, CA Uber and Lyft are getting slammed, from California to Canada. In May, California sued the ride-hailing companies claiming they misclassified their drivers as independent contractors under the state’s new labor law, Bill AB5. North of the border, the Canadian Supreme Court has allowed Uber drivers to forge ahead with a class action lawsuit that will classify them as employers rather than independent contractors.

Papa John’s to Settle California Wage Theft Lawsuit for $3.4 Million
#3  Papa John’s to Settle California Wage Theft Lawsuit for $3.4 Million
Santa Ana, CA Papa John’s International has asked the Central District of California to approve a $3.4 million settlement to end a lawsuit that claimed the pizza chain failed to pay workers for required training time. The conduct described violates the Fair Labor Standards Act as well as wage requirements of New York and California labor law.

Mosanto and Regulators vs. Consumers
#4  Mosanto and Regulators vs. Consumers
Santa Clara, CA The herbicides dicamba and glyphosate have a lot in common. Both are made by Monsanto, both are associated with environmental problems such as chemical drift and both cause health problems, such as cancer. Nobody knows this more than investigative journalist Carey Gillam.

Like Death and Taxes, There Is No Escape from a Xarelto Bleedout
#5  Like Death and Taxes, There Is No Escape from a Xarelto Bleedout
New York, NY And so it begins, the parade of Xarelto death lawsuits that allege a new-age blood thinner that was supposed to be way better than old, reliable but temperamental warfarin (brand name Coumadin) isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

California Court Rejects Dignity Health Settlement Again
#6  California Court Rejects Dignity Health Settlement Again
Oakland, CA The long-awaited settlement in Rollins v. Dignity Health, a class action ERISA lawsuit, that has been moving through the legal system since 2013, continues to be just that – long awaited. On June 12, the District Court for the Northern District of California refused to approve a proposed settlement for the second time since 2019.

Aftermath of a Horrific Amusement Park Accident
#7  Aftermath of a Horrific Amusement Park Accident
Louisville, KY It is not only a parent's worst nightmare but anyone's worst nightmare??"in this case an Amusement Park Accident at a popular theme park that resulted in a 13-year-old girl having both of her feet severed above the ankle. Kaitlyn Lasitter survived, and doctors were able to re-attach her right foot. But they could not save her left, and Kaitlyn now walks with a prosthesis.

Nursing Homes in Illinois House the Elderly with Felons, Mentally Ill
#8  Nursing Homes in Illinois House the Elderly with Felons, Mentally Ill
Chicago, IL If you have an elderly relative destined for a nursing home—and in particular, an Illinois nursing home—you stand an increasing chance of having your loved one housed in a facility, or even sharing a room with either a felon or someone who is mentally ill. Sometimes both. As the Chicago Tribune discovered during an investigation last year, it's a growing trend.

Lisinopril—Hidden Dangers
#9  Lisinopril—Hidden Dangers
Las Vegas, NV Many prescription drugs are as common as aspirin; it's no wonder that many consumers don't read warning labels or consider that a medication could be associated with side effects. Take Lisinopril, for instance. It is one of the most widely prescribed drugs in the US, and it also has the potential to harm a lot of people.

FDA Pulls Zantac off Shelves
#10  FDA Pulls Zantac off Shelves
Washington, DC On April 1, the federal Food and Drug Administration asked manufacturers to withdraw Zantac and all other prescription and over-the-counter ranitidine drugs from the market immediately. It has also advised those who use OTC ranitidine medications to stop taking them immediately and patients with ranitidine prescriptions to speak with their health care providers. Zantac cancer lawsuits that cite the link between heartburn medications that contain ranitidine and various forms of cancer have been forming for months. The FDA has now finally taken affirmative steps to protect consumers.

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Content Tips for Law Firm Bloggers
Content Tips for Law Firm Bloggers
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Reputation Marketing for Lawyers: What It Is and How to Manage It
Reputation Marketing for Lawyers: What It Is and How to Manage It
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Excessive Bank Overdraft Fees Lawsuit News & Legal Information 35
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Sears and LG Electronics announce Recall to repair approximately 20,000 Refrigerators 20
Home Warranty Companies Denying Claims on Dubious Grounds 16

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