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October 18, 2019
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The Top 10 legal news stories our readers were most interested in this week.

Lisinopril Associated with Many Serious Side Effects, Including Angioedema and Liver Damage
#1  Lisinopril Associated with Many Serious Side Effects, Including Angioedema and Liver Damage
Houston, TXLisinopril, used to treat hypertension, congestive heart failure and heart attack, is associated with many side effects including liver damage. Beverly was diagnosed with angioedema (which can be life-threatening) as a direct result of Lisinopril, according to her hospital doctors.

J&J Wins a Few Asbestos Talc Trials--and Loses More
#2  J&J Wins a Few Asbestos Talc Trials--and Loses More
Torrance, CA: To date, Johnson and Johnson has lost 14 talcum powder lawsuits (and is appealing most of those), has won seven cases, and five mesothelioma cases have resulted in hung juries and mistrials. The pharma giant is still facing over 14,000 lawsuits alleging its baby powder contained asbestos talc and caused cancer. Two California juries in October, however, rejected allegations that J&J’s talc contained asbestos and caused mesothelioma.

Lisinopril—Hidden Dangers
#3  Lisinopril—Hidden Dangers
Las Vegas, NV Many prescription drugs are as common as aspirin; it's no wonder that many consumers don't read warning labels or consider that a medication could be associated with side effects. Take Lisinopril, for instance. It is one of the most widely prescribed drugs in the US, and it also has the potential to harm a lot of people.

Lawyer Helps People Escape Timeshare Hell
#4  Lawyer Helps People Escape Timeshare Hell
Largo, FL Timeshare contracts are easy to get into and hell to get out of says veteran Florida attorney Michael Finn.

FBI Whistleblower Regrets Nothing
#5  FBI Whistleblower Regrets Nothing
Minneapolis, MN Fifteen years ago, Jane Turner was marched out the front door of the FBI office in Minneapolis, Minnesota. “There,” the FBI said to her, “You’ve had a good career Jane, now it’s over.”

Dignity Health Poised to Settle ERISA Lawsuit for $100 Million
#6  Dignity Health Poised to Settle ERISA Lawsuit for $100 Million
San Francisco, CA Dignity Health has agreed to pay $100 million to settle a proposed class action ERISA lawsuit that accused it of using a undeserved religious exemption to justify underfunding its pension plan by $1.5 billion. The proposed settlement would require Dignity Health to add $50 million in retirement plan funding in 2020 and at least $50 million in 2021. In addition, the settlement requires Dignity Health to refrain from reducing participants’ accrued benefits because of a plan merger or amendment for 10 years. Dignity Health has also promised to fund the plan until 2024, making the minimum contribution recommended by actuaries to the plan.

Ford Fuel Economy Lawsuits Ramping Up
#7  Ford Fuel Economy Lawsuits Ramping Up
Detroit, MI: At least ten Ford class action lawsuits against Ford allege its 2019 Ford Ranger and 2018 Ford F-150 trucks underwent inaccurate Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) testing that overstated fuel economy. But complaints are pouring in regarding other Ford models with poor fuel economy MPG ratings.

Johnson and Johnson Asbestos Talc Trials Not About Attorneys
#8  Johnson and Johnson Asbestos Talc Trials Not About Attorneys
New JerseyJohnson & Johnson struck another loss in its asbestos talc trial September 11, 2019, and the pharma giant has been ordered to pay $37.3 to four plaintiffs – after the defendants’ attorney called the plaintiffs’ attorney “sinister”, according to Courtroom View Network. That seemed to be enough for the judge, the straw that broke the camel’s back, so to speak.

Lisinopril Also Linked to Kidney Damage?
#9  Lisinopril Also Linked to Kidney Damage?
Eau Claire, WI Although Joanne knows that Lisinopril has been linked to liver damage, she can't help but wonder if this ACE inhibitor, which is used to control high blood pressure, could also be associated with kidney problems.

Diamonds and Wage Theft
#10  Diamonds and Wage Theft
Los Angeles, CA A proposed class of approximately 3,800 workers appears to be on the verge of settling a class action lawsuit against Sterling Jewelers Inc. Hudson v. Sterling Jewelers Inc. alleged that the jewelry giant failed to pay employee overtime pay, wages and meal breaks in violation of the provisions of California labor employment law.

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Content Tips for Law Firm Bloggers
Content Tips for Law Firm Bloggers
It is standard practice these days for every firm—large, medium, or small—to have some type of blog.  Some of the larger firms have complex pages with many different sub-niche blogs.

Reputation Marketing for Lawyers: What It Is and How to Manage It
Reputation Marketing for Lawyers: What It Is and How to Manage It
Most of us associate “reputation management” with the idea of hiring someone to do public relations (“PR”) when some type of crisis has negatively affected a firm’s public image.

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