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It’s Hard for Law Firms to Go Wrong With Facebook Live

Facebook Live is a relatively new feature that offers live-streaming video capabilities to its users. It first came out in August of 2015 for verified public figures, then shortly after, became available to a select group of users (like a beta test), before becoming available to everyone.

The media has expertly exploited what Facebook live has to offer. Meteorologists have live-streamed severe weather events, reaching far more viewers than they would typically reach online. But it isn’t just for the media—the potential for law firms to tap into Facebook’s audience of nearly 2 billion people seems promising.

Facebook live is affordable. Where live broadcasting was once only available to those with the deepest pockets, now, anyone with an iPhone can broadcast live. Law firms can broadcast at the push of a button from seminars, conferences, or conventions. You can place the broadcast at the top of your firm’s Facebook page and on the top of your followers’ newsfeed. Videos can always be deleted if desired, at any time.

Some other ideas are to do “behind the scenes” videos, where your followers and potential clients can get to know the lawyers at your firm on a more personal basis, or you can hold Q&A sessions. These types of things can be advertised in advance to your followers.

So how does it work? Facebook live is so easy and user friendly. You just tap the live stream icon, and anyone who follows you can tune into the broadcast. When you are done, hit “finish,” and the video will post to your timeline as a permanently available feature (unless and until you delete it). You can stream live for up to 90 minutes. One of the greatest things is that while you are broadcasting, you can see the number of live viewers who are watching the broadcast in that moment. You can also see which of your followers are tuning in, and they can comment on the broadcast in real time! Trolls and troublemakers are easily blocked.

Because this platform is so affordable and easy to use, it really is hard to go wrong. A few things to keep in mind: while Facebook Live easily lends itself to conveying personality, heavy, more detailed content should be placed on your blog. Also, be selective in what you broadcast. By only live broadcasting certain, thoughtfully selected streams, your live sessions will be special and people will seek them out. Engage with your viewers, and encourage them to comment. After you are done broadcasting, take the time to respond to each and every one. Strive for great A/V quality. No one wants to see a shaky video that is impossible to hear—speak loudly and avoid locations with a lot of background noise.

Facebook Live definitely has advantages over podcasts, YouTube videos, or stagnant commercials on your webpage. It is nothing short of one of the most exciting recent developments in legal marketing today.

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